Let's be honest.

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Either you have the gift of a green thumb or you don't.

I vaguely remember growing plants in elementary school in those little milk cartons.

Now as an adult, I am a certified houseplant killer. So the idea of taking on a garden and then using said garden to feed myself much less another family is beyond my skillset.

But there are some folks right here in Mid-Michigan who are using their God given green thumb powers for good. And we would love for you to go check out the work they are doing for their community and the Greater Lansing Foodbank.

Greater Lansing Food Bank Garden Project

Doing Good In Your Hood And Feeding Others While You're At It

The community garden is us coming together and working together. Growing together in more ways than one. Getting to know each other and doing something that helps to build relationships. Then giving back to our community by using the very foods we grow to feed those who live right here.

You are invited to take a walking tour to see what your friends and neighbors have been up to. Maybe a bike ride? Ok, you can even drive if you want to.

Greater Lansing Food Bank Garden Project

On Wednesday July 21st, the Greater Lansing Foodbank’s Garden Project welcomes everyone to explore the local community gardens and urban farms that make Lansing neighborhoods unique! The Garden Project supports a network of over a 100 community gardens and over 500 home gardens, helping to feed more than 8,000 people across mid-Michigan. (GLFB)

Julie Lehman/Greater Lansing Food Bank Garden Project

Attendees should arrive at 5:30 PM for welcome/check-in, and all tours will leave for the first garden at 6pm sharp. For more information visit the Garden Project Facebook event page or call 517-853-7809. (GLFB)

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