Hidden in Berrien County is the villages of Glendora and Hill's Corners.

Glendora began in 1890 as a station along the St. Joseph-Galien-South Bend branch of the Michigan Central Railroad. The name of the town was chosen ‘Glendora’ for unknown reasons by railroad officials of the Vandalia R.R. Company; some speculate it was the name of some executive’s wife, girlfriend, or daughter.

The town had a post office begin in 1891, closing down for good in 1966.

By 1911, Glendora’s portion of the railroad had a 1,660 foot passing siding here, which had a capacity of 41 train cars.

Today, Glendora has a handful of old homes, some of which have been converted from old business shops. No place to eat, get gas, or shop…so plan accordingly. But it’s definitely one of those Michigan small towns you’ll wanna drive-thru and get some pics of old buildings before they’re torn down.

Just east of town is the burg of Hill's Corners. It was named after Alpheus Hill, an original settler in 1846. A post office opened in 1854; other sources say the post office opened in 1878, with Aaron E. Gardner as first postmaster.

Nowadays the town is considered to be part of Buchanan.

Check out the photos below, then take a drive-thru!

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