Give Dad "The Details" this Father's Day! We're teaming up with Design Rides again, and this time, we're giving dad a complete detail job! That's not all... Dad stays cool with a complete window tint and a set of Weathertechs to keep his car, truck, or van protected!

Here's how to qualify...

Every weekday morning with Danny & Monica, and every weekday afternoon with John Robinson, be listening for the sound of a car starting. It could happen anytime from 6am - 10am and again from 3pm - 7pm. When you hear the car start, be caller 9 at (517) 363-4399, and you are in the running to give Dad "The Details". Everyone who qualifies gets a WFMK t-shirt and two car washes from B-52 Express.

Then, be listening to Danny & Monica on Monday, June 19th... they'll announce who the winner is from everyone that we've gotten qualified!

It's from Design Rides, and 99.1 WFMK!

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