In the upper peninsula's Houghton County, there's a stretch of road, M-28, that goes through Duncan Township. Along this road are many defunct towns, no-towns. and ghost towns, some of which have absolutely no remains at all...unless you wanna venture into the woods to look for yourself.

In the photos below, this particular stretch begins in Sidnaw and ends up where the town of Lewis used to be. There were a total of seven (that we know of) lumber & mining towns here, the only remaining two that you can find on maps are Sidnaw and Kenton.

The pictures show the locations - in order, east-to-west - of Sidnaw, Anthony (extinct), Kitchi (extinct), Withey Junction (extinct), Kenton, Jumbo (extinct), and Lewis (extinct).

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Sidnaw's old main street is devoid of any businesses, except an old shop that looks like an old general store. It has other old, former shops elsewhere, but you havta travel through the old neighborhoods to find them. Other, newer establishments are right on M-28.

Kenton was created as a railway & postal stop along the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad. Their post office was established in February 1889.

Take a journey with the pictures below, then take a little jaunt across here for yourself sometime this year; this particular route is a total of 12+ miles. Many other photo ops can be found along the way...enjoy the trip!


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