Q: I'm interested in the dances of the 1960's. Can you list a few?

A: It's been claimed that there are around 500 dances that were introduced in the 60's! I obviously can't list them all, but here are some memorable ones from the 50's & 60's: the Alligator (or 'Gator'), Batusi, Bird, Boogaloo, Bunny Hop, Camel Walk, Chicken, Continental Walk, Dog, Duck, Fish, Fly, Freddie, Frug (pronounced FROOG), Funky Chicken, Hand Jive, Hanky Panky. Harlem Shuffle, Hitchhike, Hucklebuck, Hully Gully, Jerk, Limbo, Locomotion, Madison, Mashed Potato, Mess Around, Monkey, Penguin, Philly Dog, Philly Freeze, Pony, Popcorn, Popeye, Shake, Shimmy, Shing-a-ling, Skate, Slop, Stomp, Stroll, Suzie-Q, Sweet Pea, Swim, Twist, Watusi and Yo-Yo. There was also a local dance called “The Detroit Social,” referred to as the “Soc.” The Shing-A-Ling and Boogaloo are danced with the same rule: freestyle. In other words, you were to do any movements you felt like doing with your body, feet & hips, expressing yourself in body language other than words. Because of this, most people might have known the dance names but couldn't tell you how to do the dances themselves. There are many other dances that showed up regionally and in certain cities only.