Heading east on M-68 almost into Onaway, take a look on your left as you pass the Moran Iron Works.

There, standing all alone in a field on top of a small hill, is the head of George Washington.

The head is 12 feet high and made of steel and glares balefully at all the vehicles as they drive by. George's eyes are dark and can look extremely eerie, especially in the winter time (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE).

This big bust was crafted by Tom Moran, owner of Moran Iron Works and has made many, many other steel & iron sculptures that have graced the Onaway area. The whole head weighs 6,000 pounds, with 2,000 of it being George's hair alone!

Next time you're on a Michigan roadtrip, why not stop, walk out to the middle of the field and have your photo taken with George, as so many others have. It's a fun, bizarre little stop to make on your next roadtrip and makes for cool pictures! See the photo gallery above for shots as well as location info!

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