When you live in a state most of your life, you tend to forget some of the really cool things you can check out. As an example Michigan has so much to offer, and some really great day trips for you and your family. The best news? These trips will not break the bank!

Let's start of with wine, shall we? You can experience Wine and scenic views in Traverse City. Take M-22 to the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula to start a day trip themed around lighthouses, wine, galleries and so much more. The area also offers some wonderful trails for hiking...and wine, did I mention wine yet?

Explore historic Sault Ste. Marie. Fun fact, that is the state's oldest permanent European settlement, 350 years old. You can center your day around the 2 hour Soo Locks Boat Tours & dinner cruises. You get to go through the the busiest lock system in the world alongside ships carrying iron ore, grain and food to the world. You really get to feel the force of the movement as you are lifted the 21-foot difference between Lake Huron and Lake Superior.

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Beautiful Charlevoix, when is the last time you paid that beautiful city a visit? Forbes magazine named it as one of America's Prettiest towns, and has been a tourism hotspot for over 100 years. Charlevoix was even a favorite of Earnest Hemingway.  Boating, shopping, eating, and yes even fudge.  This town has it all.

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Spend a day and hang out in East Lansing, home to Michigan State University. GO GREEN! Check out the Michigan State University Museum, where this Smithsonian affiliate's three floors and 15 galleries include skeletons of two Jurassic dinosaurs. (I did not know that.)  Just make sure you stop at the MSU dairy store. They have the best ice cream   ever. There's so much to see, do and eat, and you don't even have to use a full tank of gas.

If you are in Michigan, remember you are never far from something great to check out.

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