I am definitely a do-it-yourself kind of person when it comes to building projects. I have now gone from building my deck to building an outdoor shed so that I can store everything in the shed before winter arrives.

Do I know how to build a shed? Absolutely not. Am I willing to learn? Depends on how difficult it is.

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Most of the time I check out websites for ideas on how to build a shed. I also check out you tube videos where I get really good ideas as well.

Check out this video on how to build your own shed:

Looks like hard work to me but with a little patience and all the right tools, it shouldn't be that difficult.

According to popular mechanics.com:

Siting simply means identifying the exact spot on your property where the shed will be placed, or sited. This may seem like a simple enough task, and depending on your yard, it just might be. But if you pick the wrong spot, you'll end up with a short lived unusable outbuilding.

That information is good to know because I have already picked out the site as to where my new shed will be placed.

It will go right where the old shed is once I demolish that one and replace it with a much larger shed. We're building a 12 by 12 shed that will have electric outlets and lights built to code.

The reason my wife and I would like a bigger shed is because of storage. We can take more items out of the garage and put them into the new shed.

Another reason for building this new big shed, I will finally have a place to put my riding lawn mower.

This weekend my wife and I will be tearing down the old shed to get that area ready for the new one. It's a work in progress, but we're really looking forward to it.

If you have a little extra time, check out popularmechanics.com on how to build a shed in 7 easy steps.

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