Hey donut lovers, today  will be quite the day for you.  According to MLive, our state's first Duck Donuts is going to be giving away free donuts all day. That's how they have decided to celebrate "Sprinkle Day."

There are no strings attached. The company is giving away the free yummy donuts to everyone as their way of celebrating this special day.

Duck Donut's ongoing mission, they say, is to #SprinkleHappiness throughout the communities it serves.

It may be a bit of a drive for you, as the business is located on West Maple Rd in Troy. This chain is known for its made-to-order, fresh, warm, donut creations. Everyone who walks through the shop's door from 7AM to 7PM will get a free donut with sprinkles.

You have got to love this. The company's CEO Rus DiGilio says,

At Duck Donuts, we believe adding confectionary sprinkles atop a warm donut, donut sundae or milkshake, delivers smiles and a sense of joy to children and adults alike.

Just in case you wanted to dazzle your friends with a fun fact, Sprinkle Day has been around since 2017 and is now celebrated every year on July 2.

Duck Donuts opened their very first store in North Carolina at the beach resort town of Duck. Okay, obviously that's where the name came from. They just wanted a place where folks could buy warm, made-to-order donuts, and since they couldn't find one, they opened their own store. Duck Donuts now has 97 franchise locations and are operating in 26 states and four countries.

Oh, and have a happy Sprinkle Day!

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