A guy who looks like the Frankenstein Monster - complete with flat head and jacket - snatched a two-year-old baby, trying to kidnap it. Then along comes the baby's eight-year-old sister chasing the guy down and yelling at him!

She is followed by her ten-year-old brother, who is seen pushing the baby stroller and running after this monster as well.

A surveillance camera in the town of Sprague, Washington, captured the action as the kids were in hot pursuit. Frankenstein was so scared & spooked, he dropped the baby off in a vacant lot and split so he could escape!

Great story & video...plus TERRIFIC thing to teach your own kids when confronted with a situation similar to this with a strange adult. This incident happened in a small town with a population of only 500 people.....meaning this crap can happen ANYWHERE.


Watch the video by CLICKING HERE.