One of Michigan's most-talked-about haunted sites, Fort Wayne is on the Detroit River, a mile from the Canadian border. Construction began in 1842, with the still-standing limestone barracks completed in 1848. Surrounding the fort are extra barracks and officers' homes & quarters, commissary, garage, guard house, hospital (demolished), jailhouse, port, recreation building (now a visitor center), shops, stables.....and Indian burial grounds.

When the land was excavated in the early 1900's, Native American bodies were dug up that dated back 900+ years. It's the combination of restless Indian spirits and the long-dead Civil War-era soldiers that are believed to be responsible for the unexplained hauntings that are constantly being witnessed and experienced.

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Many folks, including a handful of paranormal investigators, claim to have witnessed or captured paranormal evidence: bodiless footsteps, ethereal voices, human-shaped dark shadows, doors open & close by themselves, and early-morning apparitions. Conversations between spirits have also been heard by investigators. The visitor bathrooms are said to be haunted, particularly the ladies' restroom. Maybe the ghosts of amorous soldiers still linger? 

Located at 6053 West Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, the fort was designated a Michigan State Historic Site in 1958 and awaits your visit! The photos below might entice you a little more to check it out. The buildings are very creepy, even in daylight!

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