High school sports are about so much more than just sports. Flushing and Swartz Creek proved that again during a Freshman basketball game this week.

The Flushing Freshman team is very good. They were well on the way to their 20th straight win and an undefeated season Thursday night against Swartz Creek. The game was all but over, and Swartz Creek started to put in their bench players.

Ben Sefernick was one of the players checking in at the end of the game for Creek. Ben has Cerebral Palsy which forces him to wear braces on his legs. This obviously limits how much he is able to play the game he loves.

I was on Facebook this morning and stopped to read what happened during the game as described by the Swartz Creek Varsity coach, Scott Wright.


The fact that the kids on the court were only freshmen makes this story even more special.

They weren't told to help Ben at all, they recognized what was most important at the time and acted.

This speaks volumes as to the character that these kids have. The most amazing moment for me though is not when Ben sinks his three pointer at the buzzer. Ben has made a ton of threes in his lifetime, and will make many more! The most amazing part is that instead of celebrating a 20-0 season, the entire Flushing team joined the Creek team to celebrate Ben.

Check out the video below courtesy of Raechel Schilke.


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