Everybody loves getting flowers! Unless they bug your allergies, then I don't blame you for not being a fan.

Shoot, I'm someone who hates receiving gifts and I even love getting flowers every now and then. It's a kind gesture to show someone that you're thinking of them whether it's for a special occasion, a loss, or just because.

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I didn't realize how much I loved getting them until my significant other came into my life. He surprises me with them all the time and it's the sweetest thing.

*Insert gooey eyed emoji and barfing emoji here*

He usually picks up flowers from the Williamston Greenhouse & Florist because their bouquets are absolutely stunning. I mean, look at these!

Photo Cred Erica Gray
Photo Cred Erica Gray

If you're looking to brighten up your loved ones day, pick some flowers up from these Lansing area florists!

  • B/A Florist
  • Van Atta's Greenhouse & Flower Shop
  • Jon Anthony Florist
  • Wild Strawberry & More
  • Rick Anthony's Flower Shoppe
  • Smith Floral & Greenhouse
  • Aleta's Flower Shop
  • Vivee's Floral Garden
  • Gigi's Floral
  • Hyacinth House
  • Macdowell's Flower Shop
Photo Cred Erica Gray
Photo Cred Erica Gray

If you're significant other doesn't randomly buy you flowers, dump them. I'm kidding, just buy them yourself and when they ask you who they're from, hit them with, "Wouldn't you like to know?" That'll ruffle some feathers.

It's probably best that you don't follow any of that advice, and just mention how nice it would be to get flowers every now and then. Better yet, show them this article. That's the safest route.

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