Flint has its share of paranormal activity and rumors. Here are four of ‘em:

At the Capitol Theater, the “usual unusual” things happen: screams, moans, whispering, knocking & tapping on the walls, doors slamming, footsteps, etc. But aside from that, there have been several acting groups that have come to perform at the Capitol who have experienced some weird stuff. For some unexplained reason, their electrical equipment completely shuts down, dead…but when checked, they discover the power is still turned on….but their stuff won’t work. Once their equipment went silent, they heard ghostly singing coming from the balcony; upon looking upward, they saw the shapes of shadowy people. The Capitol is located at the corner of Harrison St. and E. 2nd St.

Just down the street, on the same street as the Capitol, is the Dryden Building. There’s something happening on the 3rd floor. While the building is vacant, maintenance people have heard heavy footsteps – presumably male – walking the 3rd floor hallway. Then there are the sounds of numerous footsteps going up & down the stairs. After hours, the 3rd floor bathroom is avoided; they can’t explain what’s wrong in there, only that the feeling that overcomes them is one of impending danger and paranoia. The Dryden is at the corner of E. 2nd St. and Saginaw St.

Diane’s Pawn Center is rumored to cause odd feelings, but that doesn’t seem to have any credence to it. Some visitors claim it’s hard for them to breathe, neck hair stands up, and feelings of depression. To me, these kind of feelings could be natural for some people when they visit a kind of resale shop; they may experience some kind of subconscious effect of being around items that once belonged to other people...maybe even allergies connected to used items. But there are a couple of cool old abandoned buildings next to the shop. Diane’s is located at 1115 Dort Hwy.

Finally, the old Cornwall Building is probably the coolest location. It’s an awesome old mansion that is said to contain the spirits of deceased members of the Cornwall family. If you happen to be walking down 3rd street sometime – usually at night or dusk -  you can see the Cornwall family members looking at you from their old office window. It’s located on the corner of S. Grand Traverse St. and W. 3rd St.

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