Courtesy of Specialty Records

Q: Which film is considered to be the first "Rock & Roll" movie?

A: There are a few that claim to be the first “Rock 'n Roll” movie, including the 1955 film “Blackboard Jungle” which wasn't a Rock movie at all - it just featured upbeat music and Bill Haley's ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK as it's theme. There were MANY Rock movies made in the 50's to cash in on the current music trend, hoping to suck the allowances out of the country's teenagers, like “Don't Knock The Rock,” “Rock, Rock, Rock,” “Rock Baby Rock It,” “Rock Around The Clock” and many other chintzy flicks. But the first TRUE "Rock & Roll" movie is considered to be the 1956 film “Do Re Mi,” with Fats Domino & Little Richard.