One of Michigan’s Most Haunted Places is the Felt Mansion, located between Holland and Saugatuck, built in 1925.

The mansion was built by (and a gift from) inventor Dorr Felt’s wife Agnes, who died just after they moved in. Evidently, Dorr's grief was strong enough that he moved out.....and not long afterward - about a year and a half - Dorr himself passed away.

Nowadays locals believe both the ghosts of Agnes and Dorr inhabit & haunt the building, enjoying their home that they didn't have much time to enjoy while still living. They come in & out of rooms just as if they were still the mortal selves they once were. Ghostly shadows are seen – by tourists – waltzing in the ballroom (in fact, the South East Michigan Ghost Hunters witnessed dark shadow-people moving in a way that looked like ballroom dancing).

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Doors – some very heavy – open & shut by themselves and some tourists/guests claim the ghost of Agnes scolds or punishes them in some way for being too offensive in her presence. Try spewing forth a few four-letter words while you're there and see what may happen! CLICK HERE to see what happened to one guy who used bad language: at 1:34 into the video, a door opens by itself and a blast of frigid wind smacks the guy in the face, as if Agnes is reprimanding him for cursing...and the investigator goes running outta the room. (Either he's faking or he shouldn't be a paranormal investigator...)

Many, many visitors have experienced some sort of weird happenings, most feel they were paranormal. Caretakers will tell you that Dorr & Agnes don't wish to frighten any visitors and they realize that the establishment must be shared with the living. Past owners have turned the mansion into various establishments: a seminary, a police office and drug enforcement agency. These days, it's used for weddings, receptions, company parties and tours....if you're interested in the haunting, you'll want the tour.

Wanna take a tour? Find out more by CLICKING HERE.
The Felt Estate is located at: 6597 138th Avenue, Holland.

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