For many of us, the changing of seasons from summer to fall can be, well, a bit depressing. One saving grace is when the leaves start to change color and make Michigan look so beautiful in shades of red, yellow and orange. released their annual fall color forecast last week, and according to them, the changing of the leaves is already starting in the Upper Peninsula and in parts of the upper lower peninsula. It is spotty changes, but it's starting.

The end of September will have the U.P. and upper lower Peninsula at their peak. At that time areas like Traverse City, Higgins Lake, Gaylord will be near peak. By October 5th the upper mitten will be in its full glory and areas like Clare, Ludington, and Mt. Pleasant will be near peak conditions. October 12th shows that the Upper Peninsula, and the top of the mitten will be past peak, but areas from Grand Rapids to Flint and all cities in between and down towards Detroit will be at peak or near peak.

This is one of the times that a drive around our state is breathtaking. With every tree a different color, it looks like a painting.

It is best to see the beautiful changing of the leaves before they all fall off the trees and hit the ground because raking leaves is not much fun.

According to the 2020 Michigan Fall Travel Map, three of the best spots to view the colors are Ocqueoc Falls State Forest Campground, Holland State Park and North Bar Lake in Sleeping Bear Dunes. You probably have your own favorite spot to go, and that is what makes Michigan so wonderful. Our state is beautiful all over!

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