Among the many, many haunted places on the MSU campus, is Fairchild Auditorium.

The ghostly apparition of a young boy has been seen in the auditorium, roaming through the aisles and rows of seats. Not only has he been seen there, but witnesses claim to have seen the face of a little boy peering down at them out of the 3rd floor windows.

If true, then why is he here? Is there an old report somewhere of a young boy dying in that part of the campus?

The boy has also been heard playing…giggling to the sound of a bouncing ball. The footsteps of a child, childlike whispers, and rustling that come from nowhere have been heard as well. I find it very ironic that a child should be heard here, in an auditorium with the name “FairCHILD”.

Built in 1938, the building was originally used as a place for students and faculty meetings…so what’s the tale about the boy and why does he haunt it?

Urban legend? Accidental death? Murder?

No one is saying anything.

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