Ever hear of Elbridge, Michigan? Don't feel bad if you haven't - many Michiganders don't know about Elbridge.

Elbridge is a little Oceana County community that still shows up on maps. There are no stores, shops, gas stations, or restaurants. There are farms surrounding what's left of the former downtown area, where you'll find an old church, the old town hall, and a graveyard. Those three – along with nearby farms – are what make up what remains of Elbridge.

In 1910 the population was 50 with one general store on hand to take care of 'em. There was a post office that existed from 1883 to 1905. After it closed, from then on, postal service was six miles west in the town of Hart.

The town was named after the township, which became part of the Ottawa Indian Reservation in 1855; the land became a township in 1858.

No railroad came through Elbridge so it really didn't get a chance to grow. It's just another of those isolated former communities we come across while roadtripping in the Michigan countryside.

Now that you know a little bit about it, check out the gallery below, then take a drive-thru someday and get a couple of pictures.


Forward, Michigan

Concord, Then-and-Now

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