The G.A.R. Hall was built approximately twenty years after the Civil War ended. It's purpose was for the war's former soldiers to reunite, reminisce, and meet on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it was not to last.

In 1956, the Civil War veterans had all passed, causing the hall to cease operations. The hall began switching hands, seeing life under different guises: a bowling alley, dance school, and hardware store. Then, in 2013, the G.A.R. Hall became the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall Museum which remains so today.

So what about paranormal activity?

Visitors have related their experiences of coming across apparitions of Civil War soldiers. Not just soldiers, but also the spirits of former members of the Women's Relief Corps, which used the building as their meeting place years ago. Others say they have heard voices coming from nowhere and the feeling of being followed through the building.

Some visitors say they have captured video and audio evidence of something supernatural inside the old hall.

This is a very cool old building, still in pretty good shape in downtown Eaton Rapids at 224 South Main Street. Aside from the rumors of ghosts, the museum is very cool. Lots of Civil War memorabilia, collectables, nostalgia, history, and old photos. If you pay a visit, you'll get caught up in all the great stuff.....and might have something unseen looking over your shoulder, waiting for your approval.

Make it a point to stop in this year and take the tour!



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