Bye Bye 2020, you have not been my favorite year , and I will be staying awake until midnight this year to make damn sure you LEAVE !!  2021 has got to be better, right ?

In an effort to do all that I can to make sure 2021 is a great year, I have been searching for different ways to bring some luck to myself and my family.  Usually on New Years day I serve black eyed peas to my family, they are suppose to bring good  luck,  but last year I forgot and look how that turned.  Not taking responsibility for the 2020 mess, but just saying......

Here are some foods that folks, who are superstitious. believe will bring you luck.

Black eyed  peas, greens, and cornbread.  These dishes should be eaten together, as black eyed peas  bring pennies, greens bring dollars, and cornbread brings gold.

Pork, eating pork on New Years is suppose to inspire progress throughout the new year.

Grapes.  In Spain and Mexico, when the clock strikes midnight people try to eat 12 grapes as quickly as possible, because each grape will bring luck for the 12 months ahead.

Pomegranate seeds, they are believed to bring fertility, life and abundance.  In Greece, the whole fruit is thrown across the floor releasing a sea of seeds. Don't want to make a mess, just eat the seeds.

Noodles.  Super long noodles are eaten on New Years and are thought to bring long life, that is if you can eat them without breaking them in half.

Rice, Eating rice brings wealth and fertility.

Eating Cake.  YAY cake!!  Eating a round cake, like a bundt cake, signifies the circle of life to lucky eaters.

Finally, Oranges and Honey  In the Asian culture it is believed that eating oranges and honey on New Years will bring you good fortune, wealth, and money.  ( I'm sold !!)

Whatever you wish for in the new year, I hope you find happiness, health, and a bit of good fortune, that  never hurt anybody.


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