In Oakland County there are strange things apparently happening on E. Buno Road.

East Buno is a countryside dirt road, approximately three-1/2 miles southeast of Milford and 4 miles northwest of Wixom.

According to urban legend, there was a serial killer who murdered eight girls, drove down E. Buno, stopped alongside the road, and hid the bodies somewhere in the woods.

If you're driving down this road at night, pull over to the side and turn your engine off. The feeling of someone lurking outside your vehicle will enter your senses. Not only that, but odd shadows seem to fly over your car and shapes/shadows are seen running down the road.

Brave? If so, start walking through the woods...those who have dared saw human shapes standing, running, and walking aimlessly through the woods. When you return to your vehicle, take a look in the rearview might see the shape of a person standing behind your car. Some people have already seen this.

If you attempt this, please respect residents in the area: don't be obnoxious, noisy, or a litterbug. Don't ruin it for others.....or the neighbors.

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