One of the biggest secrets to Mel Tucker's success this past season was the transfer portal. The goal for the 2022 season is to utilize the portal once again. However, recruiting is going to be a big help to the Spartan's future success.

After the early signing period this past Wednesday, the Spartans currently have the 5th ranked class in the Big Ten and 21st nationally.  Last year they were 10th in the league and 46th nationally, so that's a big jump. The success Mel Tucker has brought to East Lansing is on track to continue. The biggest name to come out of yesterday was defensive lineman Alex VanSumeren, the number four player in Michigan and one of their top targets for the year.

The success in the transfer portal has continued as well, signing four recruits out of there. Despite all of the success, the competition around the league will be just as fierce. Three Big Ten teams rank in the top ten nationally in the rankings. Ohio State is 4th, Penn State is 6th and Michigan comes in at 9th.  

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Michigan State has always had a good program, but it is hard to argue the effect Mel Tucker has had on the program in a short amount of time. If anything, you can safely say Tucker is the perfect example of how helpful the transfer portal can be.

The Spartans are not done yet either, They are still hoping they can flip five-star lineman Kiyaunta Goodwin from Kentucky. Success is becoming the standard here in East Lansing, and there is no doubt to anyone that Tuck is comin'. 

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