MSU sure has it's share of haunts.


The connected halls of Yakeley & Gilchrist have been reported as being haunted by students who have experienced strange occurrences. In 1995, a female student was relaxing in her room after midnight when she became startled by a loud pounding on her door. Apprehensive to open the door at such a late hour, she bent down to look under the door...there was no one standing there, yet the door kept shaking under rigorous pounding. Scared, she called security. Upon arriving, the security guards heard the rattling as soon as they entered the hall and they ran down to her door. To their total amazement, as they stood there and watched, the door continued to shake & rattle, with the door handle moving back & forth as if someone was trying to get into the room. After approximately five minutes it ceased.

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An earthquake? No.
An intruder? No.
A prank? No.

The cause of this occurrence was never resolved.

Campus Archaeology uncovers many artifacts and things left behind by former, long-deceased students; some feel that many dead students still roam the buildings and campus for one reason or another. A couple of the questionable things archaeologists have uncovered are the soles of shoes.....and clumps of human hair.

YAKELEY-GILCHRIST; Courtesy of Google Maps

Maybe buried by a novice barber or hairstylist?
Not likely, say some...the hair was buried in a box which led to the belief that it was part of some sort of ritual or curse.

Now, what kind of proof can there be that it was part of a curse?

After digging up the box of hair, over half of the students - grads and undergrads - became mysteriously ill. Bronchitis, colds and the flu were rampant. In fairness, the sickness MAY have been spread by the students themselves, who could've caught a bug while working outside in cold weather. But the coincidence and timing of uncovering the human hair, to the large number & quickness of sicknesses that occurred, some of the excavators feel they may have unleashed a long-dormant curse that laid beneath the grounds of MSU.

So, if you're an alumni or current resident/student of MSU, you may believe just a tad more than the casual reader. And you may think the ghosts of long-dead students of the demolished Saints’ Rest dormitory still haunt the campus.....and possibly await some unknowing archaeologist to uncover & unleash MORE buried, hidden curses...

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