Regarding the Frandor Shopping Center, DID YOU KNOW:

1) It opened in 1954.

2) It was built on a former golf course.

3) It was Michigan's second regional shopping center.

4) It got it's name from "Francis" and "Dorothy" Corr.

5) It had an amusement park.

6) It had a miniature golf course.

7) It was home to the Spartan Twin Theater.

8) Holden-Reid clothiers have been there since the beginning.

With the malls and strip malls so closeby, Frandor still brings in the customers. It's a Lansing/East Lansing tradition and it's so cool that local residents have kept it alive, even with the ever-changing tastes and fickleness that our country's trends are famous for.

The Lansing State Journal did an excellent article on Frandor in 2015 that has vintage photos and more info you should read.

CLICK HERE and see that article for yourself...then go buy something in Frandor, have a cuppa coffee at Panera and a coney at Sparty's!

See more of what Frandor has to offer at

Have fun!

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