Okay, so in the listing they don't make the claim that this doll is haunted, but just look at him. Personally, I think he is. But whether or not the doll is haunted (yes), most would agree that he is at least terrifying. You can see the listing below.

Sailor Doll Posting

He even reminds me of another famous haunted doll. Have you ever heard the story behind what many call the "Worlds Most Terrifying Haunted Doll"?  His name is Robert.  Robert is wearing a cute little sailor suit (See? Another doll in a sailor suit. Just saying.). Unfortunately, that is where the cuteness stops. His face is very worn out and some say he now looks vaguely human. He has a nub for a nose and his eyes are like pinholes.  Robert is also covered in brown nicks that tend to look like scars, and the smirk on his face is enough to send shivers up your back.

Robert is 111 years old and he now lives in a Museum in Key West Florida. Before the museum, he was the property of Robert Eugene Otto who was an eccentric artist and from quite the prominent Key West family.

Yes the doll and owner shared the same name, but the boy who was given Robert as a birthday gift went by the name Gene. The doll came from Germany and Gene's relationship with the doll continued into adulthood. One person remarked that it seemed to be a bit of an unhealthy relationship, the one between Gene and his doll Robert.  Gene Otto took the doll everywhere and he spoke about it in the first person as if it was not a doll at all.

Many who have come in contact with the doll will all agree that Robert is haunted and say he has caused car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce, and a long list of other misfortunes. Never say a bad word about Gene Otto if Robert can hear you, either. That tends to make him very angry.

Since news of the haunted doll at the museum, people have been stopping by in droves to get a look at the little doll. Robert has had quite the life. He has been on TV, fans of his can buy Robert replicas, there have been books written about him, t-shirts made and many write him letters. In fact, the museum says Robert will get about three letters every day. These are not fan letters. They are letters from some who feel they may have disrespected Robert and are now paying the price with misfortune in their lives.

At night many have said they have heard the sound of small feet running around upstairs and giggling, and when morning comes Robert is in a different area than when they left him the night before.

Along with mail, e-mails and such, it became known that the DOLL has a sweet tooth so many visitors will leave the haunted doll candy and sweets.

But Robert is not the only famous haunted doll. A book was written in 2015 called "Harold the Haunted Doll:The Terrifying, True Story of a Child's Encounter with The Prince of Hell." That sounds like some nice quiet reading...NOT.

If creepy dolls are your thing, here is the top seven list of scary movies featuring very creepy dolls.

  • #7 The Puppet Master (1989)
  • #6 Dead Silence (2007)
  • #5 DOLLS (1987)
  • #4 Annabelle (2014)
  • #3 May (2002)
  • #2 Trilogy of Terror (1975) as a young kid that one scared my to death
  • #1 Child's Play (1988) with the lovable doll Chuckie

Fun Fact: while writing this story, I was watching the movie Annabelle. Now I am creeped out and really don't want to go workout in the basement.

So if you want a creepy doll of your very own, you can head on over to Facebook Marketplace and check out the sailor doll that I mentioned above. Again, they don't say that he's haunted, but come on! Or, you could also check out eBay and Craigslist. You'd be surprised how many people are selling "haunted dolls."

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