Summer time, gas prices go down during the week and then up for weekend travel.  No matter, gas prices remain higher than they were last year at this time.

If you plan to be in your car driving this summer the website WallettHub released it's report on 2018's  Best & Worst Cities to drive in.

Best Cities:  10- Tampa Florida    #9  Jacksonville, FL  #8  El Paso TX  #7  Durhan, NC

#6 Winston - Salem  NC  #4  Greensboro , NC  #5  Plano, TX,   #3 Orlando, FL:( I would have to disagree with that one)  2# Corpus Christi, TX,  #1  Raleigh NC

According to the website as far as the cities with the worst driving, we have a Michigan city on the list. …..and it's not Lansing.   Coming in at #100 is Detroit , followed by San Francisco. Oakland CA, Philadelphia , Seattle, Boston, New York New York, Newark, NJ, Los Angeles, CA, (seriously?  Their traffic is WAY worse that Detroit ) and Chicago also makes the list.

If you plan on traveling to any of those locations during your vacation this summer, pack your patience

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