Everyone can have their own opinion on whether we should avoid traditional gatherings with family and friends during the holiday season or risk spreading the virus among loved ones.

As the holidays approach and the number of coronavirus cases surge, millions of Americans will face that decision.

My wife and I have been talking about the holidays for the past several days and we both feel strongly about not inviting anyone over for the holidays due to this on going pandemic. Why risk it?

Anthony Fauci, the nation's foremost authority on infectious diseases, warned about the potential for a spike in infections stemming from holiday parties, even if they're small and only among relatives. (USA TODAY)

According to USA Today, the CDC, which discourages traditional trick or treating this Halloween, updated its guidance Monday about holiday celebrations with advice on how to reduce risk of infection.

The tips for in person gatherings include:

Holding events outdoors.

Limiting their size.

Having participants wears masks.

Maintaining social distance.

The CDC also encourages hosts to request that guests avoid contact with people from outside their household for two weeks before the activity.

The last thing you want to happen during Thanksgiving or Christmas for that matter, is having the virus getting to your grandma or grandpa, and one of them or both ends up in the hospital on a ventilator.

Experts recommend that families in separate households sit at their Thanksgiving tables at the same time and connect through a video platform such as Zoom, which might give a sense of sharing the meal. (USA TODAY)

This holiday season, every family will decide what's best for their loved ones. What's best? Wearing your mask, social distancing, and doing the right thing for your family and friends!

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