If you’re from Mid-Michigan, then you’re familiar with this guy.

The first recollection I have of him is when I heard him say on TV “Hi, Folks, Discount Dave from Dave’s Discount!” decades ago. (His tag lines were "If you wanna save, ya gotta see Dave" later changed to "If you wanna save, ya gotta see Discount Dave.") Many years later – as well as many business ventures – Lansing’s Discount Dave is still an entrepreneur, selling, and doing TV commercials.

Discount Dave (Sheets) owned and operated the Cadillac Club in REO Town for five years 2004-2009, built around his love of pop culture.

In 2018, Dave invited the Lansing State Journal into his pop culture house to satisfy those who were curious to see just what he had stored away in his home. How did he decorate it? It had to be something, cool, right?

Well, now you can see for yourself…just scroll down and take a look at the gallery of photos from within the pop culture fortress of Lansing business icon Discount Dave!



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