Lotsa Mid-Michigan families dug goin' to Prehistoric Forest in the Irish Hills down by M.I.S., even though the dinosaurs were far from the computer-generated ones you now see in films and the animatronic ones at other theme parks. But this is still fun for everyone to enjoy on your Michigan roadtrip.

Dinosaur Gardens has been around for over 80 years and still brings 'em in, located at 11160 U.S 23 South in Ossineke, in Alpena County.

Great place for photo-ops and maybe even shoot your own short video/film! There are NO barriers to keep you away from the dinosaurs...you can get right up, around and under 'em!

Walk or take a guided carriage tour through the Dino gardens...To learn more about Dinosaur Gardens, CLICK HERE.

So pack up the kids (or your friends) and head up to Dinosaur Gardens as part of your Michigan roadtrip...and spend your vacation dough in Michigan! Don't let anyplace else get your hard-earned money!

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