As much as we all love ice cream, I started thinking about how many possible flavors could there be?

I'm not an expert when it comes to ice cream but I can tell you that there are over 1,000 different flavors of ice cream. Yes, 1,000 FLAVORS!

Then why is it that most of us continue eating our top 3 or 4 favorite ice cream flavors?

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Let me give you my list of Top 5 favorite ice cream flavors:

1. Chocolate Chip. Simply can't get enough.

2. Butter Pecan. The older generation loves this choice.

3. Chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate ice cream covered with Hershey's chocolate syrup? The best!

4. Strawberry. Love strawberry shakes on a really hot day.

5. Vanilla. Cover vanilla ice cream with crushed nuts and chocolate syrup and you're golden.

There's my list of very standard ice cream flavors that most people love.

Did you know there is an ice cream flavor called corn on the cob? Or how about rice flavored ice cream, and even coffee flavored ice cream.

Most likely I wouldn't try any of those crazy flavors because they don't sound good to me. Another flavor believe it or not is avacado ice cream. Wouldn't try that either.

Most people who love ice cream like to stay in their comfort zone. Most of us have two or three favorite flavors and that's what we stick with.

Other flavors that people enjoy are Cookies N' Cream, Rocky Road, Neapolitan, Birthday Cake, and Pistachio.

According to

Women seem to be much keener on Butter Pecan than men. While they're also less keen on Vanilla than men. In fact men are more likely to go for traditional plainer flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

There is no better treat than a big bowl of ice cream or 2 big scoops on an ice cream cone. Enjoy!

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