There may be a new friendship blossoming at the Detroit Zoo and it's between two of the most unlikely animals. Recently Alex Phillips was visiting the Detroit Zoo when he noticed a 400 lb Silverback gorilla was fiddling with something on the ground. When he pulled out his camera and zoomed in, you could see the gorilla giving gentle pats and pets to a tiny groundhog. The Detroit Zoo posted the video on their Facebook:

A budding friendship? It’s not uncommon to see a ground hog poking around the gorilla habitat during feeding time — both species are mainly herbivores after all! A less common sight is that of a gorilla gently stroking a ground hog on the back, as one Detroit Zoo guest recently witnessed. Even though gorillas weigh more than 400 pounds, this little visitor seems to realize that Kongo, a 23-year-old silverback, doesn’t mean him any harm.
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The video as of Friday morning already has 106,000 views and is warming the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. This little groundhog got a much nicer treatment than a local woman who was visiting the John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids this week. While an onlooker was recording a gorilla acting silly, the gorilla did what they do and started flinging it's own poo in all sorts of directions, leading to a "mondo duke" landing right on this poor old ladies' face.

To watch the video of the gorilla flinging a big steamy chud all over her shnoz, you can click here.

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