We know about the miles and miles of abandoned neighborhoods in Detroit…houses sitting empty with windows either boarded up or broken out. But why are some of these called ‘war zones’?

There is a section of Detroit that has been nicknamed the “Red Zone” – located between Seven Mile and Eight Mile. It’s basically a handful of blocks that are home to shootings, drug deals, gang fights, and murders. So much, that residents have fled their homes to escape dangers and the threats they bring to their families. With families leaving, streets have become littered with memorials of people killed in the streets, garbage, ripped furniture, empty liquor bottles, boarded up houses, graffiti, old tires, and tall weeds.

Even though the gangs are said to be a small part of the community, it’s still a big enough problem that have residents both frightened and angry.

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So the ‘war’ in ‘war zone’ not only means a war among gangs, but a war where some residents hang in there and make an attempt to continue living in their homes, hoping to find a way to clean up the neighborhood and the streets.

According to the Detroit News, “police say they are working to eradicate gangs in The Red Zone…..with such programs as Operation Ceasefire, which connects gang members or residents who are likely to commit crimes with social services and mentors.”

The gallery below shows a few of these ‘war-torn’ Detroit neighborhood streets and homes…the devastated homes, garbage lined up and down the streets, boarded-up houses, overgrown houses and more…

Detroit's War Zone Neighborhoods


Two Abandoned Buildings in a Desolate Detroit Neighborhood

Walking Thru A Detroit Neighborhood At Night

Inside the Abandoned Homes of a Detroit Neighborhood

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