The Detroit Lions have stumbled out of the gate to start another campaign winless. Two weeks into the 2021 season and the Lions have yet to etch a W. So what do you blame? New coach, new quarterback? Before you say something about the Same Old Lions, realize that Monday night at Green Bay, the Lions squad made history with their uniforms. Blame the pants for the dismal start to 2021? Perhaps.

Uniwatch, a blog chronicling sports apparel pointed out something you may have missed watching the Monday Night Football telecast. The Lions away uniform was missing the pants pinstripe. How rare of a choice is this?

So prior to last night, the Lions hadn’t worn white pants in over seven decades, and they had never gone mono-white.

The solid white pants were last worn by the team in the 1949 campaign. That year saw the Lions finish with a 4-8 record, second-to-last place in the NFL West. Only the Packers 2-8 did worse. Not a year to harken back to.

Uniwatch also shared the pinstripe revelation to their Facebook page asking, "If anyone finds the Detroit Lions pants stripes, can you tell them the team needs them back?"

The comments for the most part were not kind to the mono-white look:

  • Did they inherit leftover pants from a middle school practice squad?
  • It's positively astonishing the bad decisions this organization makes at every single level on and off football field, and how they've managed to consistently do so for decades.
    Honolulu blue and silver? Nah, let's go with all white pants.
  • I think I’m the only fan that thought they looked like diapers
So, what do you blame for another sorry-looking Lions season? At this point, let's blame the pants.
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