Just when you think the Detroit media's unabashed love affair with Jim Harbaugh couldn't get any worse/better, it does.

On Tuesday, U-M introduced Harbaugh's son, Jay, as its new tight ends and assistant special teams coach. The lead story the Detroit Free Press gleaned from that introductory press conference? Here's the headline--you'll have to see it for yourself to believe it:

"Jay Harbaugh, on how Jim eats his cereal (really!)"

So this is an anecdote the son told about the elder Harbaugh one time putting Gatorade on his cereal because he was out of milk. Because, you know, a serious journalistic institution like the Detroit Free Press puts this kind of hard-hitting stuff on the sports front page.

At this point, the Detroit media is so deep in love with Harbaugh that they don't care if you know it. They're going to write a front-page story about how the guy ate cereal one time and not bat an eye.

I can't decide which is grosser: Putting Gatorade on your cereal, or making that a serious story.