If there's one thing I Love, it's really good pizza! There are two places that my wife and I go to all the time.

We Love Pizza House in East Lansing and we usually get carry out at least once if not twice a week. Why? Because they have delicious pizza and bread sticks. In fact, everything on their menu is terrific.

Another place we like to go to is Deluca's on West Willow in Lansing. As you know they have been closed most recently due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Deluca's hasn't faced a hardship comparable to the pandemic, according to the restaurants vice president, and his family opted for caution when the coronvirus arrived in Lansing.

Deluca's reopened April 27, after the number of COVID-19 cases reported by the state began to level off. Customers showed up, standing outside the restaurant and waiting their turn to go inside and pick up an order in the week that followed.

By the way, Deluca's is a 60 year mainstay in the capital city, a family business with a loyal following, and has weathered more than one economic recession.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Deluca's pizza is a Lansing favorite, known for its house made sauce on a buttery crust, covered with generous toppings and lots of cheese.

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