The deer population here in the Lansing area is completely out of control. I live in Okemos and see deer along Dobie road just about every morning on my way in to work.

On new year's eve around 11:30 p.m. just before we celebrated our new year 2020, five or six deer walked straight up my driveway then onto the lawn just strolling along like it was no big deal. And these were big 6 to 8 point bucks.

Not only are there many deer in the Okemos area but many other local areas including East Lansing.

According to WILX, deer in the city of East Lansing has been an ongoing problem for eight years.

On Monday night, members of the city council said ultimately they want to leave it up to the community to decide a solution to the overpopulation of deer in the city.

One city council member said I think a sharpshooter is the way to proceed because the other ways that have been discussed, including eliminating the ability to have more deer, are extraordinarily expensive.

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