This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen, the Amazon Device Alexa.  First of all, since Monica Harris is on vacation this week, my boss is going to let me use this voice activated device during the morning show.

There's only one problem, I have no idea what to ask this thing.  McConnell Adams, program director for 99.1 WFMK, is going to let me use this device during the morning show on WFMK.

I feel lonely without Monica in the WFMK studio, so I say let the fun begin.  If you have any suggestions on what to ask Alexa, please leave your comments on our facebook page at

I've been trying to come up with good questions to ask such as, Alexa, what day is it?  Or Alexa, weather please?  How about Alexa, could you tell me if I'll win the lottery someday?   Maybe that's pushing it a bit too far.

I'm asking for your help on using this new device, phone me in the morning at 363-4399 or leave your suggestions on our facebook page.   Please give me advice on what to ask Alexa.  Now I have a friend in the WFMK studio until Monica returns from vacation, her name is Alexa!

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