Never in a million years would I have thought that at one point in my radio career, WFMK's John Robinson would find my long lost album called  "Song of the Islands."

This album features nothing but the best Hawaiian music ever produced.  In fact, at one point, Danny Stewart and his Hawaiian Orchestra album "Song of the Islands" went straight to number one, even beating out Don Ho on the Hawaiian music charts.

When you think of Hawaii, you think of beautiful scenery, palm trees, Hawaiian luau's, snorkeling, swimming with the Dolphins, and this incredible album that didn't receive any rave reviews.  In fact, quite honestly, I've never even heard of this album until now.

That's right, my good friend John Robinson found this album at a garage sale and gave it to me.   Somewhere out there in ancient music land, Danny Stewart and his Hawaiian Orchestra actually existed.   It was definitely worth a few laughs here at WFMK!

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