Down a good handful of dirt roads, somewhere in Michigan's 'nowhere-land', is the ghost town of Damon. Damon was a lumber town in the late 1800's that eventually dwindled away, like many other Michigan lumber camps.

Owosso author James Oliver Curwood visited the town in 1911, and immediately began referring to it as the "Lost City of Damon". To find out a little more about the "Lost City of Damon", CLICK HERE.

A half mile south of the dirt road intersection that was once Damon's downtown, is the Damon Cemetery. The photos below show some of old tombstones from the 1800's, some of theme even being made of wood!

If your GPS is working, you may find your way there. Otherwise, good luck. Damon may not show up on maps, but the cemetery should. It's located in Foster Township within Ogemaw County.

If you visit, please respect the area, don't vandalize, litter, or be obnoxious.

Travel Michigan this year...there is so much to see and do, and SO much intriguing history to discover!

Read more about Damon HERE.

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