We're all familiar with go karting at places like Craig's Cruisers, High Caliber in the Meridian Mall, etc. However, this go kart track in East Lansing hosted more than 200 drivers for a Cup Karts North America race.

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East Lansing Kart Track

As my boyfriend, his brother, and cousins gear up for a go kart race at Jackson Speedway in Jackson, Michigan on Friday, August 27th, seeing another go kart track and major race really peaked my interest!

According to their website, East Lansing Kart Track (ELKT) has been around for 40 years, offering the opportunity for "real racing for 5 to 65" with their motto "Real Racing for the Whole Family."

ELKT even teaches those who are interested in racing to become better racers at all skill levels with their Carlisle Racing School.

When they host real races, it's a big deal, and especially when over 200 drivers from all over come together to kart it out for the chance to be the best of the best like they did this weekend hosting the Cup Karts North America race.

Cup Karts North America at ELKT

Track owner, Kevin Haun told FOX 47 News, "This is the Cup Karts North America held here in East Lansing. It’s a five series national event it covers this side of the country but we have racers here from as far as California."

As a race as age-inclusive as the track itself, go kart drivers ranging from ages five to 65 took to the track Saturday, August 14th and Sunday, August 15th.

Greg Jasperson was part of the planning and effort to organize the event and tells FOX 47 he grew up go-karting, his son also began to be interested in the sport, but they noticed a lack of growth opportunities or travel within the sport.

"So we decided to create a series ourselves and it’s really turned into a really cool family atmosphere and really the families are what keeps us doing it," Jasperson said.

Cup Karts North America - Races

Jasperson explained to FOX 47, the races are broken into age brackets, different heats, and chances for everyone to walk away with a prize.

Of course, there are trophies up for grabs to congratulate those who place in the top three but Jasperson also says they used sponsorship money towards prizes and giveaways that are awarded as door prizes.

For many, at any level of racing, it's not the prizes that matter as much as the love of the sport.

"I get to go fast and get to pass people," one of this weekend's racers, Andrew Dean, told FOX 47. "[I love] just the joy it brings and the challenges, if it was easy anyone would do it."

Cup Karts North America will be hosting their next race(s) Bushnell Motorsports Park in Bushnell, Florida August 20th and 21st.

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