Bath Township Police Department, are you taking notes? It's time to step up your game.

In Stow, Massachusetts over the weekend, the police department shared a post on their Facebook, and it has now gone viral. I think this is absolutely great PR for the police station, and it's so creative.

The officers took their police cruisers and put on a holiday light show set to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A lot of work went into this. A lot of practice, but it turned out so fantastic!

Four of the department's cruisers were used to accomplish this feat. According to WTHR, pictures of the cruisers were taken with the different lights activated, and then they were edited together with the music in the background to create the video you can see below.

Whoever came up with this idea really deserves a promotion. Seriously, Bath Township PD, we need something like this in Michigan.

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