Is this possible? Could Michigan be facing a Christmas tree shortage this holiday season?

Christmas isn't Christmas until you find the perfect Christmas tree. I'm not talking about artificial Christmas trees, they don't call them artificial for nothing.

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We're talking about the real deal. Being able to go with your family to pick out your own Christmas tree, or pay a little extra and cut down your own special Christmas tree.

Check out the funny Christmas tree clip from Christmas Vacation:

So the question is, are we dealing with a shortage of Christmas trees this year?

According to

Many Christmas tree farmers got out of the business in 2008 because of the economic decline. Michigan State University Horticulture Professor Bert Cregg told the station. Others who stayed in the business planted fewer tree-and the growers are still playing catch-up, he said.

There's been a lot going on lately in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic too. Supply chains around the globe is a big issue. That means less artificial trees and live Christmas trees.

I guess you can look at it this way, if you don't find a Christmas tree this year that's suitable for the whole family, then maybe spending extra on a artificial tree is the way to go.

I went to Home Depot in Okemos the other day and they have a beautiful selection of artificial Christmas trees to choose from. And quite honestly, many of them look like real outdoor Christmas trees.

Good luck this holiday season finding a suitable Christmas tree for your home. The best part of this whole process? Decorating the tree just the way you like it!

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