One thing is for certain this summer, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way Michiganders will spend their summer.

When it comes to summertime fun, there are so many things that we used to do and now we have to deal with what's going to be open, closed and safe in the Lansing area.

Here's the latest information thanks to the Lansing State Journal:

Lansing area parks are open, but they're operating with fewer activities than usual. Some activities and events have been cancelled and facilities restricted due to the need for social distancing.

And we all know that certain summer activities are safer than others. It's very important to stay safe while participating outdoors.

Canoeing and kayaking are allowed at several locations in the Lansing area. Canoes and kayaks are easy to sanitize and easy to rent out during the pandemic.

Reservations to rent kayaks at Burchfield Park and Hawk Island Park are only available for weekends and holidays starting June 13.

Many outdoor pools and beaches are listed as closed, but that could change.

As of now, all swimming pools are allowed to reopen. It's just a matter of when these and other facilities announce any changes.

Let's talk about more safe activities to engage in this summer:

Walking, hiking, biking and fishing can be done at many parks throughout Ingham County.

For walking, hiking and biking, there are great locations closer to home. Hawk Island Park, Burchfield Park, Lansing River Trail and several others to choose from.

When it comes to playgrounds, social distancing must be maintained. Some playgrounds have reopened. One of them is Meridian Township.

To check out which playgrounds will open next and more information on what's open, closed and safe in the Lansing area, click right here on Lansing State Journal.

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