Have you ever thought about converting your backyard shed into your own home office?

I think this is a brilliant idea because sometimes you just need your own office space without all the distractions inside your own home.

Even if you're happily married and have a great relationship, no one wants to be on top of each other every single workday.

I know of several places that actually build sheds that come complete with windows, doors, moldings and more.

According to USA Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic enters month six, an increasing number of Americans are buying and building backyard sheds to use as home offices.

Just think about it, it represents a chance to get work done while the kids are inside the house focusing on remote learning. For some people, it might be the fact that they don't have enough room for an office set up inside their own home.

And these backyard sheds are much cheaper than taking out a loan to focus on a full scale construction project.

"Tim Vack, who is the general manager at Modern Shed said there has been a 400% rise in interest this summer. A 50% rise in the summer is typical, as people take on more outdoor projects." (USA Today)

"These detached office spaces are more premium than the standard metal sheds at Home Depot. You decide on what style of wood you'd like to use, where you want the windows to be placed and other various options. The more you add on, the more you pay." (USA Today)

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