Okay, I understand that there was a fire at a natural gas facility. but isn't that your job to be ready for situations like that, its called a 'backup plan'.  It does not mean threatening your  clients if they don't turn down their thermostats.

This is not a new thing, it seems like every summer when it gets so hot that we Consumers customers have our air turned on.  Which is why we pay them. But at least once a summer they send a message out to not use our air conditioning, because it is using to much energy.   SERIOUSLY.  That is why I have air conditioning, and also why we pay to have heat in the winter.

So this is where we stand, Consumers CEO says they might not ask again for customers to turn down there heat down, instead there may be brief shutdowns.

Their was a fire at the Macomb facility and that is causing a disruption in delivery of natural gas.  CEO Patti Poppe went on Facebook yesterday to ask customers to turn down their thermostats, saying they have never been in a situation like this before.

So there is that, but just want to add.....as CEO shouldn't you be ready for this or any other kind emergency, maybe a plan that does not involve threatening your customers.

Just wondering.

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