Construction of the new McLaren hospital in Lansing means more traffic in the southeast part of Lansing and also the need for a longer walking path.

  Construction of a roundabout and newest walking path for Lansing, click on Lansing State Journal for more on this story.

The new hospital is not completed yet, but when the 240 bed place does open there will be a new traffic roundabout and an extended walkway.  The $3.6 million dollar projects will be finished before the hospital opens.

 New McLaren hospital in Lansing.

The two existing McLaren hospitals on Greenlawn and off Pennsylvania in Lansing will be closed down. The new McLaren Greater Lansing hospital complex could open as early as the end of this year.

The new roundabout will be at the intersection of Forest and Collins roads.  This is an area that has already seen quite a few accidents, so with the new increased amount of traffic in that area the roundabout will be needed.

The newest walking path is going to be quite the undertaking.  Trees will be cut down to make way for the construction of the path and the widening of Forest Road.  I did a quick check, and any tree that is cut down will have a new tree planted in that area.

Lansing is already home to the River Trail , which is such a gem in our city.  The trail is for walker's, bike riders, skaters ,runners , yes all 25 miles of the River Trail.

One of the nice things about the new  trail is that it will eventually complete some of the gaps that currently exist on the River trail.  The newest part of the walking path will be along Forest and Harrison roads, and right by the new McLaren building on Collins Road.

You will have to wait until the fall for the newest walking path to open.  Until then, get the family and experience the city's River trail.  It is the perfect way to get outdoors and get some exercise and maybe drop some of the 'COVID' weight you may be trying to lose.

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