It's a cold and snowy day, so what's for dinner?

There are times when you just need a good old fashioned comfort meal, just like Mom , or Dad or Grandma used to make.  All over the U.S. favorite comfort foods seem to vary from state to state.

In Michigan there is one food that always makes on the 'favorite comfort food' list, and that is Pizza.  If you are looking for a great pizza choice for your comfort meal, Detroit style would top most lists, with the crunchy cheesy is DELICIOUS and hits the spot for those in need of a comfort dinner.

What are the best comfort foods.

In the Southern States Chicken and Waffles tops the list for edible comfort, and that combination is surprisingly delicious. Another southern favorite is Chicken Fried Steak.  I am such a fan of that dish that I make it at home and (totally bragging) it is awesome

Mac and Cheese is always a favorite, the dish is also very popular on restaurant menus and it is served in all sorts of different ways.  When I was in Florida we were at  restaurant that served deep fried mac and cheese as an appetizer and it was surprisingly delicious , you can make your Marconi and cheese on the stove like Mom did or bake it in the oven for a crunchy top, or go gourmet like many restaurants have done.

Other dishes that made the comfort food list in Michigan are, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Coney Dogs (make it Flint style), and a childhood favorite of mine Tomato soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches.

I did a quick survey of the building and one of the Staff favorites for comfort food was Goulash, and Meatloaf also made the delicious list.  Fried Chicken, Lasagna, Mashed Potatoes, French Onion Soup, and Beef Stew are a few more top comfort foods in Michigan.

These meals are best enjoyed while wearing stretchy comfort clothes



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