One of Clint Eastwood's best films, Gran Torino was almost shot elsewhere...but since the character of Walt Kowalski was a former Detroit auto worker, Mr. Eastwood thought it would be more realistic to shoot the film in the Detroit area.

The film was shot in July 2008, and released in January 2009.

The photos below show areas where the movie was shot - the homes of Kowalski and the Hmong family, the confrontation with the street thugs, and the Hmong gang's house.

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Clint's home was at 238 Rhode Island Street, the Hmong family lived right next door, the confrontation with street thugs was at the corner of Charlevoix & Drexel, and the house where the Hmong gang lived was at 217 Pilgrim Street.

If you plan to drive-thru for pictures, remember: these are all private homes, so driving by is fine, but respect the residents and their properties.

Now, take a look at the locations by scrolling below!


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