I enjoy viewing Arts and Crafts, and yes I even watch the show “Making It” on television. But personally I’m not very skilled in that area, but my wife is. She inspires me with her creativity. And of course her interest influences me, as everywhere we go we’re perusing through craft shops. Whether we’re in Saugatuck, Grand Haven or Grand Ledge, we’re visiting the little shops seeing lots of creativity and new ideas for her to try.

On the 4th of July we took a little drive to Corunna to check out their car show, live music and crafts, it was a beautiful afternoon for a drive. This past weekend we were at Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge for their car and craft show. Both outdoor locations had lots of cool and unique arts and crafts to see. And on our way home we visited a shop in Grand Ledge, where I got more great photos of arts and crafts from local artists and crafters.

What are the benefits of a creative hobby? You may be surprised. Check out this piece from an Arts & Crafts website called Gathered, on the benefits of a creative hobby.

“It’s no secret that hobbies are generally good for you, but craft hobbies can be especially good for your mental health! Craft hobbies can provide a welcome distraction from the routine of everyday life, which when combined with the satisfaction you get from completing a project can help to reduce stress and release those much-needed endorphins. The fact that many craft hobbies require concentration means many crafters feel that they almost enter a kind of meditative state, which again helps with stress and anxiety, and can lead to a more general feeling of contentment and mindfulness.

If you have ever thought about crafting, there are facebook groups as well as local groups right here in our area that can help you get started. Visiting a local Arts & Crafts shop is a good place to start networking. Creative hobbies are an amazing way to bring people together. The creativity of others is inspiring, even for an observer like me, it has the power to put a smile on your face.

Check Out These Amazing Pieces Created by Lansing Area Artists [PHOTOS]

Arts & Crafts of all kinds from Craft shows and a little shop in Grand Ledge.


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